We Are Faith Based

Faith-Based People

There are a few billion Faith-Based People such as Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews.

Of the Faith-Based People, they have been fragmented for a few thousand years. However, they have been somewhat held together by the supreme being: i.e., God, amongst them.

In the event that a few billion Faith-Based People remain fragmented for another fifty (50) years but perhaps much, much sooner, there is an extremely strong chance that Marxism, a Cabal, via its use of nuclear devices, viruses or otherwise will: (a) kill, disappear, enslave and starve an [ additional ] few hundred million people but perhaps a billion or more people especially Faith-Based People: (b) will eliminate Freedom of Religion: and (c) will accomplish its Ultimate Goal: i.e., Rule the World. When enslaved they must be fed. Therefore, killing and disappearing them especially the Faith-Based People probably would work best for Marxism, a Cabal.

Marxism, a Cabal, can launch a series of extremely savage attacks on Freedom of Religion that will far, far exceed its attacks on Freedom of Religion that occurred during various wars such as but not limited to the First World War, the Second World War and the Chinese Civil War.

Are You a Faith-Based Person?

In the event that you are
a Faith-Based Person, there is
a chance that Marxism, a Cabal,
is coming for you, your family, your
religion and your Place of Worship.