We Are Faith Based

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion as intended by the supreme being: i.e., God, and the Natural Rights given by God to each man, woman and child are one and the same as Freedom of Religion.

Freedom of Religion has been
under attack for a few thousand years.

Since the start of the twentieth (20th) century (January 1, 1901) including yesterday and today, Marxism, a Cabal, has been the primary source of the attacks on Freedom of Religion, the targeting of people especially Faith-Based People and the cause of more than a thousand Places of Worship being vandalized, torched, bombed and burned.

Are You a Faith-Based Person?

In the event that you are
a Faith-Based Person, there is
a chance that Marxism, a Cabal,
is coming for you, your family, your
religion and your Place of Worship.