We Are Faith Based

Our Primary Message

In the event that a few billion Faith-Based People remain fragmented for another fifty (50) years but perhaps much, much sooner, there is an extremely strong chance that Marxism, a Cabal, via its use of nuclear devices, viruses or otherwise will: (a) kill, disappear, enslave and starve an [ additional ] few hundred million people but perhaps a billion or more people especially Faith-Based People: (b) will eliminate Freedom of Religion: and (c) will accomplish its Ultimate Goal: i.e., Rule the World. When enslaved they must be fed. Therefore, killing and disappearing them especially the Faith-Based People probably would work best for Marxism, a Cabal.

Marxism, a Cabal, seeks to Rule the World!

Are You a Faith-Based Person?

In the event that you are
a Faith-Based Person, there is
a chance that Marxism, a Cabal,
is coming for you, your family, your
religion and your Place of Worship.